Perfectly set in the hills of Slaithwaite with
breathtaking views & dramatic skies,
Samuel Brigg & Sons is our family dairy farm,
producing the highest quality milk & cream.
We believe in honouring our farm & its history,
with a product that is natural & tastes of its
origin. Taking real pride in the process, we
produce delicious milk & cream from our
own herd of cows; grazed on the hills of


Samuel Brigg

Our family dairy farm
Samuel Brigg & Sons
was established 100
years ago by our great
grandfather Samuel Brigg.
Historic family documents
show that Samuel started
his dairy farm in 1912, two
years before World War I.

Harold Brigg

Samuel’s son Harold took
over the next generation
of the farm (pictured
above in 1956). Note
the shirt, tie & waistcoat,
which was considered
appropriate farming attire
in those days!

Arthur Brigg

His son Arthur then took over
the farm, seen above as a
young man. He taught us
the ropes before handing
the farm down to us with all its
history in 1986.

Neil & Jacqui Brigg

Today, our dairy farm
still proudly runs in time-
honoured tradition and we,
Neil & Jacqui Brigg & family,
hope to pass on the legacy
for generations to come.


We like to refer to our cows as ‘the girls’, they lead a pretty idyllic life here on the hills above Slawit. During the summer they go out every day to graze on fresh grass. In the winter they keep nice and cosy in the cowshed away from the wind, rain and snow eating the silage we have made during the summer especially for them. It’s no coincidence that the milk they produce tastes so good.

We pasteurise all our milk for bottling in both the traditional glass bottle and plastic cartons. The glass bottles are delivered on the doorstep by ourselves and the many milkmen we supply. Milk also goes to shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries in the area. The cream produced on farm is sold to some of the top bakeries and restaurants in Huddersfield. Both milk and cream goes into making the best ice creams in the Colne Valley.

We have been delivering milk on the doorstep since the 1920’s when the customer wanted their milk warm so they knew it was fresh. Now a days we bottle fresh everyday within a few hours of the milk leaving the cow. We then deliver to the milkmen’s fridges and it’s on your doorstep and in the shops the following morning.

  • Double cream
  • Whipping cream
  • Single cream

  • Full fat milk, with a cream line on top
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Skimmed milk


We are proud to supply many local quality businesses. These are just a few, check out their websites below:

Bolster Moor Farm Shop
Vanilla Bean/Freddo Blu
The Handmade Bakery
Hartley’s Bakers & Confectioners
Green Valley Grocers

Samuel Brigg & Sons
Far Wortshill Farm
Slaithwaite, Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 842613

Enquiries from the catering trade, as well as enquiries regarding domestic deliveries via milkmen, can be directed to Neil or Jacqui Brigg.